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Of course you can make up your own itinerary — mix things up to suit your likes. And if this is too much to digest… have a Talkeetna Travel Specialist put together a complete Talkeetna travel package.

1 Day in Talkeetna

Only 1 day? No night? Well, that’s not enough!

We say look at the following itinerary ideas to see how much there is to do and see in Talkeetna. It’s the ideal basecamp for day-excursions south and north.

2 Days, 1 Night

Yes! You want to spend at least one night in Talkeetna do get a glimpse of what our little town has to offer. So here a few ideas for a 2-days and 1-night itinerary.

Day 1: Arrive and take a stroll through Downtown Talkeetna. Take a picture in front of the “Welcome to Beautiful Downtown Talkeetna” sign at the beginning of Main Street. Walk to the end of Main Street which drops you right down to the Talkeetna River. Skip some rocks, take a load off, and on a clear day soak in the panoramic view of the Alaska Range. Now go explore Talkeetna’s little shops (lots of art, lots of gifts). Sit down in the Village Park with an Alaska-sized ice cream or coffee treat and watch people go by. Have a snack or a big meal at one of the eateries, and hook up with one of the river jet boat or rafting companies for an early afternoon or evening trip. Drop off your luggage at your lodging, dress casual and head out for your guided trip. In the evening, enjoy a some local entertaiment and/or Talkeetna’s eateries and pubs to mingle with the locals. What tales do they have to tell?

Day 2: Take a scenic flight above the Alaska Range with one of the flight seeing companies (maybe you even want to land on a glacier). Visit one of the museums to get in touch with Talkeetna’s past, and then it is already time to say farewell and head out to your next destination north or south of here.

3 Days, 2 nights

Better! Now you can experience Talkeetna. So here it goes.

Day 1: Arrive at your lodging to settle in. Take a stroll through town and schedule a flight seeing trip for the next morning, skip some rocks at the river, take photos, stretch your legs. Visit the Talkeetna Historical Society Museum and listen to the Ranger Talk. Enjoy good food at one of the eateries, sip a locally brewed beer and call it quits for the day.

Day 2: Enjoy your scenic flight above the Alaska Range and Denali National Park. For lunch, stop by one of the bakeries and grab a snack to go. Then explore a hiking trail or schedule a guide for a historic walking tour or a nature hike.

Day 3: Start the day with a very early breakfast and grab a snack lunch to go. Then off to catch a salmon or a Rainbow Trout with one of the fishing guides. Fishing is not your thing? Explore the rivers by jet boat safari. In the afternoon, be entertained. Then find a gift to bring home — something that will always remind you of your stay in Talkeetna.

5 Days, 4 nights

Now we’re talking! Here some ideas for a full-hand of activities and tours.

Day 1: Arrive in Talkeetna, settle in to your Accommodations Schedule a Sled Dog Tour (yes, even in the Summer) or an ATV Off-Road Vehicle Tour for the next day. Oh, NOW you’re on vacation!

Day 2: Enjoy your scheduled tours and relax the rest of the day away. Visit art galleries and the open-air market.

Day 3: Take a fishing trip! Trips usually leave early in the mornings, so you’ll have plenty of time upon your return to take a relaxing flight seeing trip above the Alaska Range or a float trip down the river in the afternoon or evening.

Day 4: Grab some snacks to-go and take a drive up north to kayak or canoe (guided or unguided) on Byers Lake. If water sports are not your thing, take a nature hike around the lake instead. The scenery is amazing! Stop by the Denali’s south side viewpoint on your way back to Talkeetna.

Day 5: Make sure to find that perfect Alaska gift in one of the gift stores. Enjoy one more chance to see and photograph “the mountain”, while you sip a coffee-licious treat on last leisurely walk through town. Have you fallen in love with Talkeetna yet? Real Estate Agents are happy to help you find that perfect piece of Alaska paradise.

7 Days, 6 nights

You’re good! You must be an experienced traveler who knows that one needs to spend a certain amount of time in one place to experience it all and really feel “part of it”. Here your super-duper-extraordinary itinerary for a week-long stay in Talkeetna.

Day 1: Many lodgings will give discounts for extended stays, so be sure to ask. Arrive in Talkeetna and schedule a few things for the upcoming days: various activities, treats and some relaxation. Find your inner “Sourdough” and you’ll fit right in. Enjoy a meal and mingle with the locals.

Day 2: Take a drive up north to Byers Lake and visit the Memorial. Explore the lake shore on foot (great hiking trail) or by kayak. On your way back south, stop by the Denali South Side Viewpoint to snap some panoramic photos of Mount McKinley. Enjoy Talkeetna’s restaurants and pubs upon your return.

Day 2, Day 3, Day 4: What activity have you planned for today? Flight seeing? Glacier Landing? Fishing trip? Rafting? Riverboat tour? Sled dog ride? Off-road ATV tour? A guided hike? Don’t forget to also find some quiet time to sit back with a book and relax those every-day-life worries away. Visit church or stretch your muscles at a yoga class.  Take a course and learn something new. Take flight! Be sure to check Talkeetna’s events calendar to see what’s planned during the month you’re here to visit. The Sheldon Community Arts Hanger has theater plays. The open-air market features Alaska-made art and gifts. Are you here on a Summer Friday? Treat your ears to music at “Live at 5” concerts in the Village Park.

Day 5: Talkeetna’s art galleries and unique gift shops can provide you with the perfect item to bring home. Phew… we hope that wasn’t too much. Enjoy all your travels and exciting things you’ll decide to do during your stay in Talkeetna.