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Talkeetna offers those who are visiting or relocating the chance to experience some true Alaskan small-town flavor. Talkeetna has the following amenities: Post Office, Education Facilities, Medical Facilities, Realtors, Churches, Public Library, Construction Businesses, Public Services and other miscellaneous services that will make your relocation as smooth as possible.

Issues to Consider

Since Talkeetna’s economy primarily booms in the summer months, May through September, very few year round jobs exist in the immediate area. If year round employment is necessary for you or your family to relocate to the area, it is best you contact local businesses and try to obtain the year round job prior to moving to the area.

Community Culture and Events

The organizations located within the community are dedicated to providing both community and family events year round. Organizations and programs such as the Chamber of Commerce, Denali Arts Council, Community Enrichment Programs, and many other businesses hold events that add culture and education to our small town community. The events calendar will inform you of current community events happening around Talkeetna.

Renting or Buying?

If you are planning to move to Talkeetna, start inquiring early to find a place to rent – the population swells with summer seasonal employees. Seasonal employees often occupy all available housing in the town center area. Cabins and houses with full utilities are limited (water, heat, electricity) and tend to go fast. If you plan to stay year round, inform the potential landlord of your plans as they may be willing to work out a special rental agreement due to the drop of rental demand in the winter months.

If you plan on purchasing property or a home in Talkeetna, it is best to contact local realtors to see what is available for sale in the immediate area. While searching for “your piece of Alaska”, you can find accommodations in various hotels, lodges, guest cabins and B&B’s that are open year round.


For more information visit the website of Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development.

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Job search? You can request job leads by filling out the Trip Planning Info Request form and selecting “Jobs” as one of the check boxes.

Relocating Your Business to the Talkeetna Area

General Description of Local Economy

Talkeetna's economy is primarily supported by the seasonal tourist industry & mountain climbers.

Summer's Local Economy

During the summer months, the population swells with students & others who seek seasonal employment. Climbers begin arriving to climb Denali (Mt. McKinley) during the same time.

Winter's Local Economy

The economy is in full swing from May until the end of September. Winter tourism has been increasing each year, and the community puts together events to draw travelers to Talkeetna, marketing the community as a winter destination.

Commercial Property

The Talkeetna area provides a wide selection of commercial properties. Raw land & developed parcels are available throughout the area. You may get more information by contacting local realtors to find out more about certain parcels.

Social & Cultural Incentives

Talkeetna has been virtually untouched by commercial development. However the community is growing dramatically, drawing a larger demand for more services to be provided. Many opportunities exist in this small community for various business ventures.

Have a look around, there's lots to do in Talkeetna!