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Why do you say “I LOVE TALKEETNA“?
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Because... the people are simply wonderful

Musicians will play the fiddle or the guitar in the Village Park

There are great Alaskan artists to be found

Main Street ends at the river where you can find a great view of the Alaska Range

The train stops in Talkeetna

I can take a flight above Denali

I can go on a dogsled tour on a hot summer day

I can catch a salmon, a rainbow trout, and an arctic grayling all in one day

In the winter, the town is so nice and quiet

No street lights to obscure the Northern Lights in the winter time

Almost 24-hours of summer daylight

People help each other out

It’s rich in history

I get that sense of community

I can find the perfect skipping rock at the river

It’s quirky

Have a look around, there's lots to do in Talkeetna!