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Talkeetna is the jump off point for climbers into the Alaska Range

Since the early days when climbers took the train from Talkeetna to Curry to start their week long hike to Denali, to the present 30 minute flight into base camp, Talkeetna has been the beginning of mountaineering bliss. Besides the challenge of climbing Denali, with the world’s highest vertical rise from almost sea level to 20,320 feet (6,194 meters), the Alaska Range offers amazing accents, ice climbs and back country skiing. There are several flight services in the area to get you into the mountains for the climb of your life.

Several renowned mountaineering schools that offer guided climbs or courses to various peaks in Denali National Park are located in or near Talkeetna. The National Park Service also offers briefings, maps and firsthand knowledge of intricate climbing routes.

Before and after the mountaineering experience, Talkeetna has great lodging and dining choices for all budgets.

Have a look around, there's lots to do in Talkeetna!