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See Denali from our view
K2 Aviation invites you to experience the wonders of Alaska and Denali National Park and Preserve, and gain a new appreciation for our state’s size and rugged beauty. Our location in Talkeetna provides an excellent starting point for your explorations of Denali, the Alaska Range, and Denali National Park. K2 Aviation is a National Park Service Concessionaire. What sets us apart from other companies is the fact that we are Denali National Park’s Highest Scoring glacier landing company. K2 Aviation has a reputation far and wide for being an excellent air service that puts their passenger’s safety first. Our glacier landing safety record in Denali National Park is unsurpassed.

Flightseeing McKinley and Denali National Park
A flightseeing trip over Denali National Park and Preserve will give you a bird’s-eye view of its incredible vastness and awesome beauty. Encounter a mile high gorge, rivers of pre-historic glacier ice, snow capped mountains that extend seemingly forever and North America’s tallest mountain, Denali, towering above it all. Whether you choose an incredible flightseeing tour into the mountains, add a glacier landing, decide to climb one of Denali’s towering peaks, or choose to hike in Denali’s back country, we will assist you in finding the right experience

Glacier Landings
You could search the world over and not find glaciers like the ones in Denali National Park. Standing beneath the towering mountains, you realize their immense scale and get a sense of the place that draws people from all over the globe. Imagine standing in a quiet world of snow and ice, hearing an airplane approach and land on the slopes beneath. Your perspective on the size and grandeur of our planet will expand with this experience.

Denali Air Taxi Services
We are safe, experienced and committed to your success. If you are headed into the Alaska Range to climb, we invite you to fly with us and experience K2 Aviation’s personal service and hospitality. K2 Aviation’s commitment to providing climbers excellent Denali air taxi services is the cornerstone to our success. We recognize the unique challenges of mountain climbing in Alaska and the importance of safe professional air support.

Hiking in the Alaska Range
K2 Aviation, a National Park Service Concessionaire, and Alaska Alpine Adventures, a Commercial Use Authorization holder, are partnering to bring an extraordinary experience to visitors wanting a unique experience in Denali National Park. Board a floatplane for one of the most scenic flights on earth combined with the most exclusive wilderness hike in Alaska! This guided and outfitted small-group wilderness experience assures complete solitude, views of towering granite peaks, lush green foothills, rivers of ice, an artisan cheese platter with foods from Alaska, and all in the shadow of Denali – North America’s highest summit at 20,310 feet.

Other Cool Stuff
We offer custom charters, into the backcountry, for hunting and fishing, and even offer a Fly Alaska For A Day custom all day itinerary. During the Iditarod we partner with our sister company Rust’s Flying Service to “Chase the Race.” We also work with our customers for fun experiences like glacier proposals and weddings. We offer a multi-day hike, as well as our regularly scheduled day hikes.


Excellent and well worth the money. Wonderful folks to deal with, very accommodating and knowledgeable. I thought it was a great deal for a well narrated tour, the pilot was great and easily answered any questions personably plus added in things like history, geology, etc. Know when you go that the weather is unpredictable and changes rapidly so good communication is key. I most wholeheartedly recommend this as a must do if in Alaska, you won't regret it or the money spent as you will remember this for the rest of your days.


Andover, MN

It is no surprise that they got the Best Flightseeing Tour award for three years in row (from what I know, they might get more than three times!) from the Anchorage Daily News. They are customer-friendly business. The pilot is informative, and told us about the mountains, glaciers formation and many others. I will definitely recommend this activity to whoever that comes to Alaska. No regret!

Sya Has

Ames, IA

Let me preface this by stating that I am not a big fan of small planes. I had a very uncomfortable close call experience while flightseeing over Angel Falls in Venezuela, so I had some trepidation prior to our K2 tour to see the glaciers. That trepidation was erased roughly 1 minute into the flight; once we were airborne, I got a sense for what a treat was in store. The pre-flight safety precautions and impeccably maintained plane, coupled with our very knowledgeable and friendly pilot Scott put me at ease immediately. Prior to our K2 flight, I thought I had already been awed by what AK had to offer, but Denali and surrounding areas are so much more breathtaking from the air. The views were even more unforgettable thanks to Scott who answered all of our questions and provided insightful information about the history, geology, and wildlife of the area.
Thanks to K2 and our pilot Scott for an unforgettable experience!!!

Alejandra T.

Venezuela, AK

We lucked out with a fabulously clear day. Chris, our pilot, was funny and receptive to guest concerns and the whole experience was easy and fun! We will never forget this magical ride to denali and around its jaw-droppingly beautiful peaks and glacial valleys. Thank you, K2, for a wonderful time out of Talkeetna!!

Clare P.

Anchorage, WY

You absolutely cannot visit Alaska and Denali National Park without taking a flightseeing tour -- and K2 is the BEST, bar none. We talked to many others in the area and everyone raves about them because they specialize in the tour experience, not just ferrying climbers (though they are popular for doing that too). The pilot who gave our tour was not only a skilled aviator but also extremely knowledgeable about the history and science of the area, telling great stories and pointing out fascinating points of interest through the pilot headsets we all wore. Takeoff and landing was smooth and we never felt nervous or airsick at all -- such a lovely flight! The office staff was so friendly and helpful, and extremely flexible if you need to reschedule your tour due to weather as we did -- we found out that the summit of Mt. McKinley is only visible 30% of the time due to weather, but they are great about offering other options or rescheduling your flight, etc. And the aircraft is gorgeous, spotlessly maintained and comfortable. Even if you don't see the summit there is SO MUCH incredible stuff to see in the park on your flight. There are things we saw on this tour that very few people will ever see and that will take your breath away -- 35-mile-long glaciers, sheer cliff amphitheaters, passes so dramatic it feels like your wingtips will scrape the sides (they're not even close, but it feels that way!), the Great Gorge that's deeper than the Grand Canyon, glacial pools that are literally Windex blue, ice crevasses and ice falls, on and on. Of course if the weather is nice as it was for us, you'll see Mt McKinley (Denali), the highest summit in North America and and the rest of the range (Foraker-Denali's Wife and Hunter-Denali's child) and probably ask yourself who would be crazy enough to climb those things (a thousand try every spring, and less than half make it!). Even my teenage kids were speechless and taking photos nonstop -- if you're a photographer you better bring an extra memory card! And the optional glacier landing is a MUST -- we will never forget landing on skis and walking around on an actual glacier in the shadow of the most dramatic mountain scenery anywhere. This is a trip of just a few hours that we will NEVER, never forget. Worth every penny and more!

Natalie L.

Cheyenne, CA

We booked with K2 because of their availability of flights at different times during the day. With a 4yr old, flexibility is important for me. The first day we went, it was cloudy, but K2 offered us many options - we chose to reschedule to another day, taking a chance on our drive back from Denali NP. That was a wonderfully sunny day and the flight was superb! Our pilot never hurried us up, and we had an excellent time. The high one was happy and so was the 4yr old!

Mamata Desa

Sunnyvale, SC

We were "in the clouds" both figuratively and in reality. The day was less than ideal and we knew we would not see Mt Mckinley, so K2 gave us option to cancel. Thankfully, we did not, as the flight was amazing and we are still talking about the blue ice pools, Ruth Glacier, the views, and the total excitement of the flight!!! Greg, our pilot, was great: informative, fun and obviously a qualified professional. Truly, the entire group of employees, owners included, were above reproach. Pleasant, cooperative and dedicated to pleasing every customer, even one old grouch that had a problem (which was with his cruise line, not K2.) The facility is upscale and beautiful. Awesome experience. We repeat: TOTALLY AWESOME!!! One of many happy memories of this South Carolina couple's trip to Alaska. Thank you K2 of Talkeetna. You have a super, well-run business. Incidentally, we were fortunate to see Mt McKinley (we prefer "Denali") from MP 135, in all its glory.

Faye Culver Thurston

Columbia, TX

A highlight of our week-long Alaska trip. A K2 floatplane took us on an up-close tour of the glacier landscape on the south side of Denali with a very informative narrative by our pilot, Stan, of how the landscape was and still is forming. We then landed on a lake at the terminus of Backside Glacier. There, our group of four was turned over to two guides who led us on a beautiful one-hour hike in the glacier valley. The guides were experts in the geology, flora, and fauna of the area and we learned a lot.

I highly recommend this adventure.


Dallas, AL

The Glacier Landing Explorer land tour was everything we expected and MORE! The people at the "little airport" were very courteous and accommodating -- when we arrived to check-in, we were two hours early, so as we were heading back to town, they offered to drive us there - and then come pick us up when we called. The plane was wonderful - EVERYONE had his own window through which to take unencumbered pictures. Our pilot was very accommodating - willing to make an extra pass beside certain views so that we could catch a scene we may have missed. He was informative and entertaining, also. And of course, the flight and the glacier landing itself was AWESOME! This was the highlight "tour" of our 10-day Alaska visit.

Eileen K.

Tuscaloosa, AL

Our pilot, Jeff B. provided us with an unforgettable experience!!! His vast knowledge of the geology/landscape, and the history of the area combined with his expert flying skills and love of great music made our flight spectacular. We all felt that this was the highlight of our Alaska trip and absolutely something everyone should splurge on while in the Denali area. We literally were stunned into a jaw-dropping, silence-inducing stupor on our flight-see. It was unlike anything we had ever experienced; like a magical dream!!!
Thank you, Jeff, for the Bob Marley, John Denver, and other great music. Now, whenever we hear the songs you played, we can visualize the beauty and the grandeur of the magnificent mountains and glaciers you flew us over...


Anchorage, AK

My partner and I are out in Alaska visiting my sister, her husband and my niece and were keen to do a flightseeing tour.

Our decision on which one to do, and whether to add a glacier landing, was much debated due to cost and desire to find a trip that felt personal.

We opted for K2 tours (partly swayed by the 10% off voucher in a local magazine - the visitor guides also have $20 off vouchers) and booked the day before.

Upon arrival at their base the glorious sunshine and friendliness of the reception staff made my sister and her husband decide that they too would like to fly. The staff were really helpful and able to arrange it so we could all do this together (despite the sunshine drawing in lots of visitors all wanting to fly!) and they were also great as they let their 8 month old daughter fly for free (in her car seat taking up a whole space - other companies say under 2's can fly for free on an adults lap).

The plane had the 5 of us and 1 other passenger in and felt small enough to be personal but large enough to feel safe. I didn't even realise that we had taken off and the baby slept through the landing!

Wow is all I can say really - it was so worth spending the additional money on the glacier landing and the pilot (Greg) was exceptional at pointing out things of interest and answering all our questions.

My sister and her husband are now planning to take all their visitors to Talkeetna to do this trip with K2, and are looking forward to doing the trip again themselves!

An unmissable experience.


Venezuela, NC

While recently visiting Talkeetna from Venezuela, South America, we were privileged to contract the excellent aviation services of K2. Our pilot Scott flew us up close and personal with the Athabaskan Great One and its granitic pluton court, landing us on the "windex blue and tic tac white" Ruth Glacier where "the affairs of men never reach." Crisp air and a clear view: "everything so quiet and empty" and yet so suddenly full.

Our return to Talkeetna was argued by poplars, lakes, muskeg, swans and bear. Reason creates its own moraine and landscapes are forever changed. Thank you Scott! Thank you K2 for allowing us to fly with you!!

Carlos R.

Charlotte, VA

We just flew on Monday with Randy. It has been the highlight of our trip to Alaska. I would recommend this experience to anyone that comes to Alaska.
Randy was awesome, told us history of the sites seen, a ton of things about the arctic weather and stories of survival.

Thanks again and we hope to get back up here!

Craig Cogner

Williamsburg, PA

Hello K-2,
We just want to thank you for the most awesome trip on the green route! We
flew with you on June 26 - we were a group of 8 including Lavender, Hassan,
Maki, and Arduini. The pilot was experienced, professional, safety
conscious, comfortable to talk with, and friendly. The views are just
outstanding and this is one trip to Alaska that we all will be talking about
for a long, long time to come. The trip is just breathtaking! I would
highly recommend K-2 for any Alaska flight and hope to be back to do it
again. The green route is awesome! This trip made my vacation!

Rany & Sally Lavender