the Flower Kennel and Homestead

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the Flower Kennel and Homestead

7 miles South of downtown Talkeetna
Talkeetna, AK 99676

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the Flower Kennel and Homestead

Talkeetna, AK

Hours of Operation

We are open from May to September, daily from 9AM - 7PM
Our business is our home. Reservations are required.

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Visit the Flower Homestead, a musher’s homestead tucked away just south of Talkeetna in the Boreal forest of Alaska.

Here we live a sustainable life together with the Flower Kennel Sled dogs. The kennel is unique in that the sled dogs are not only part of the family, but an integral part of our real authentic off-grid Alaskan lifestyle. The dogs help with hauling winter water from our spring and haul our building material and firewood we harvest from our homestead to keep warm and cozy during the cold Alaska winters.

We grow, harvest and gather most of our own food and live a self-reliant lifestyle as much as possible.

Our tours are an exclusive opportunity to see how and why we live here in the far North.

We are committed to our dogs and the Flower Kennel is their forever home. We are a small locally owned operation and our tours are casual and personal.

Welcome to our home.

Iris (owner)
Bluma, Rachel, Lilja, Sam, Mouse, Flora, Hayden and Kiglu (companions)