Talkeetna Cottages

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Talkeetna Cottages

22135 B St.
23085 S. Bresue Drivve
Talkeetna, AK 99676

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Talkeetna Cottages

PO Box 357
Talkeetna, AK 99676

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Locally owned and operated in Alaska’s upper Susitna Valley, Talkeetna Cottages offers private Talkeetna, Alaska lodging at two locations: downtown Talkeetna, where the Talkeetna Dragonfly Guest Cottage and the Blue Moon Cabin sit just one street off Main Street, and 3.9 miles out of town, where the Moonflower Cabin sits on a quiet wooded lot within walking distance of beautiful Christiansen Lake. Each site offers its own unique experience: walking out your door and exploring Talkeetna’s treasured historic district and the various shops and restaurants Main Street offers, or simply enjoying a quiet night by the outdoor fireplace at the Moonflower. Whether in town or out of town, Talkeetna Cottages offers the opportunity to experience – for a night (or more!) – life as it’s lived in Talkeetna, Alaska.