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Sheldon Air Service

22703 S. Terminal Ave.
Talkeetna, AK 99676

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Sheldon Air Service

P.O. Box 648
Talkeetna, AK 99676

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Sheldon Air Service is a family operated specialty air service whose mission is to provide the trip of a lifetime for our customers.

Whether you take a scenic trip to see the wild lands of the magnificent Alaska Range or fly up to Base Camp to climb Denali, the experience we offer sets us apart from the other air taxis in Talkeetna.

We focus on flying families, independent travelers, and small groups so we can individually connect with our customers for a special personalized trip.

Pilot David Lee is one of the longest time pilots who fly the Alaska Range. Flying with David is a rare treat for visitors. His skill is maintained by flying 12 months a year in our unique weather and environment. His love for our great land is evident as he tours you through the mountains and lands on glaciers.

Our helpful office staff possesses a plethora of information about our services, town, and history. We do everything in our ability to facilitate an excellent experience for our customers.

We love our business and the opportunity to share an incredible journey with you to one of the most extraordinary places on earth.

Give us a call or send us an email for more information about scheduling your trip of a lifetime with us.

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We took the Grand Tour around McKinley and landed on the Eldridge Glacier. The tour was worth every cent. Scenery so beautiful, it's hard to describe...we were blessed with clear, blue skies, so we could see for miles and miles! Believe the positive reviews about the friendly, local family owned and run business. Our pilot was A+! Give Sheldon Air Service a call if you're in Talkeetna, you won't regret it!

Trapper Creek, AK

My boyfriend and I recently took a trip to Talkeetna and went flightseeing with Sheldon Air service and I have to say please trust me and use their service. They are family owned and operated and the kindest people we met in Alaska. Holly, Don Sheldon's daughter, was extremely nice and personable and I am so glad i got to meet her. From the moment we got there they made us feel at ease about flying (as I am terrified of small planes). The flight was so smooth and the pilot was extremely knowledgeable. I cannot say enough good things about these people and their company. Just trust me - you have to book through this service!

William B

Denver, CO

"Do It! Come FLY with THEM!" This was defintely the trip of a lifetime. I'm a local resident, but was touring with a freind from the outside. The weather was almost perfect. Good Enough!!! We took the Mountain House Tour. Spectacular views! David and Holly, as well as the rest of the crew, were down right NICE!. This is real Alaskan hospitality by real people who love what they do. The Sheldon and Lee families pioneered aviation in AK and are a plethera of information. David's narration of the flight was outstanding and his navigation supberb. You people shine...Keep It Up Up and Away - Come Fly With Them - you won't regret it........!!! Thank You Holly, David, and Crew

Crosby, TX

"Best part of Alaska Trip!!!!" The first part of our ten day trip to Alaska was a flightseeing trip to Mt. McKinley through Sheldon Air. We parked our RV right outside of the hanger and the
next day after some cloudy weather we had a great flight. The pilot was very
good with a running commentary of the sights and answers to all of our questions.
Without question, it was the best day out of the ten.

Chester, VA

Our flight experience with Sheldon Air Service into Denali Nat'l Park was fantastic! We did not have reservations, but their personnel set us up with a flight without any problem. Our pilot was personable and cautious as he provided us with the absolute best views of Denali that one could ever have. The views were just spectacular! I was hesitant about flying in a small plane but was in awe quickly and loved every minute of our flight experience.


Port Royal, PA

If you are in Talkeetna, Alaska we strongly recommend going on a flight with Shedon Air to Mount McKinley. If it is within your means take one of the flights that lands on a glacier and allows you get off of the plane and walk around for a few minutes - your experience will be well worth the money! The owners and workers with Sheldon Air were very imformative, easy to work with and extremely nice. Dont forget your camera.

Beth Pimenta

Campinas, Brazil

Because we had to be on a train out of Talkeetna in the afternoon, we could only do the flight out to Denali, but what a wonderful experience it was! Our pilot was excellent and knew a climber, who had perished on the mountain, from our home area and was able to give us personal information about him. We hope to return to Talkeetna in the future and to use Sheldon Air Service again.


San Diego, CA

The experience to fly over the mountains and landing on the glacier was amazing!!!! In the begining I was afraid but be attended by Holly and David, hear about the family business and their experience doing the flight made me feel very confident. I recomend the experience to everyone. Be at the top of the glacier made me more aware about our role in the Universe. Thanks to Sheldon's family that gave me this opportunity!

Portland, OR

I flew on the trip to Denali Peak on a sunny day with no cloud cover. SAS got me on the last flight. I got spectacular video of the Ruth glacier and mountain terrain. We landed on the glacier, a high point for me.
After we landed, and Holly dropped everyone else off in town, she took me to my hotel, and my video camera was missing. Holly drove me all over looking for the camera, to be sure it had not been lost by us. Then she set out to contact all of the other passengers. She was personable, responsible and went way out of her way to solve the mystery. SAS is family owned and will do all they can to make your trip a pleasant one.
Mystery Solved. When we returned from the flight another guest on the flight had his video camera also, the camera bags were very similar. His wife picked up my camera by mistake, thinking it was his. By the time I realized my camera was missing, they were on a bus to Princess lodge 80 miles away. Holly of SAS was fantastic, She called the couple and made contact, they realized what had happened and were anxious to get my camera back to me. Holly arrange for them to call me and also made arrangements for them to give my camera to a bus driver headed for Talkeetna. The next morning I met the bus and had my video camera back.

Dallas, TX

This is one vacation expenditure that is well worth the time and money. You have a small plane practically to yourself and can really see the mountains up close at your leisure. Landing on the glacier was definitely a highlight. Very friendly and accommodating staff.


Anchorage, AK

These guys are simply the best. We did glacier landing tour with them and it was one we would remember forever. The company is family run, gave us personal attention, the pilot of very informative and the plane ride was smooth and the landing on the glacier. would definitely ride with them again.


Valladolid, Spain

Sheldon Air Service flew our group of 5 ‘Alaska Team Yeti’ mountain climbers and 4 friends and family members to the base camp at Kahalitna Glacier on Denali. I have lived in Alaska for over 30 years and this was one of the most exciting adventures I have experienced in our Great State. I have always loved Denali but will never look at that majestic mountain the same after this trip. David, Holly and their team at Sheldon Air Service took care of our every need and they are great people to spend the day with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Valladolid, Spain

Don't hesitate to fly with this family. They treated us very well and made us feel very nice all the time. Should have no doubt when choosing company Talkeetna area.

Madrid, Spain

This year we went to climb Mount McKinley and We choosed Sheldon Air Service to approach the glacier. From the first time not only did their job perfectly, but it helped us to do all things necessary before starting the tour, shopping, sleeping, dining, etc. ..
On our return, at the base camp was the first airline that landed and took us back, we were hoping to land with cookies, beer and good food and let us place to organize, to dry our clothes, etc.
I do not know the other companies, but I think a personal and friendly service as I am sure you will have not


Valladolid, Spain

We flew with them to Mount McKinley base camp in our climb trip. They gave us a perfect service, after our trip we spent some days in Talkeetna where they made fell us like in home, to meet this people was one of the best things of our holidays. I desire them the best, they deserve it.

Aspen, CO

After many years traveling with several Alaska airlines, I can high recommend Sheldon Airlines thanks to their professional team. They are always the first ones to pick people up in the most difficult situation in the mountains and they are always willing to making your travel as pleasant as possible. Team is extremely friendly and they really take care of their clients as a part of their family.

Boulder, CO

I really appreciated the excellent service, staff, and laid-back environment at the hanger. it was great to be able to pack thoughtfully for our climb, then have the room to empty out smelly gear and organize for the trip home. highly recommend.

Dave Summer

Bolder, CO

After being told what I was going to do. I walked across the runway to sheldon air tours let them know my flight interests they took my cell number called when the weather broke and landed me at base camp took pictures peed on a glacier Wow Once in a lifetime experience.

Durange, CO

Best money we spent on our trip to Alaska. Forgot our camera and Jok lent us his during the flight and then they sent the pictures we took to our home e-mail. Very accommodating and friendly company. Landing on a glacier was something everyone must do once in their lifetime. I convinced my wife to go and she hates flying on large commercial planes and Jok made her so comfortable that she agrees it is a must do on a trip to Talkeetna.

Jonathan Daniels

Fairmont, NE

We were treated like family from the moment we arrived. Holly and David took care of us every day we were in Talkeetna and made our experience not only safe and fun but also special. Flights were smooth, informative and a total blast! You cannot go wrong with Sheldon Air Service. They really take care of you....


Krakow, Poland

I can't say enough good things about Sheldon Air Service. David and Holly and the rest of the crew were AMAZING and helped to make the logistics of flying in and out on our Denali expedition as smooth as possible.
A quick note about the Sheldon Air's history- Sheldon air has a storied history. The Sheldon family pioneered flying in the Alaska range. They know everything there is to know about flightseeing, glacier landings and climbing logistics. David might well have more hours than any other pilot currently flying in the Alaska Range and his experience and expertise is invaluable.
Sheldon Air is a family run company that offers incredible personalized service. We left Talkeetna feeling like we had known Holly and David for a long time- they really took care of us, even though we were just a two man climbing team.
If you fly with Sheldon, you won't get a canned corporate experience catered by pilots who are churned through on a yearly basis. Sheldon has experience and soul and takes care of their customers.
While prepping for our expedition and packing up afterwards we saw many happy flightseeing customers, including several happy repeat customers. Also, a couple guides we flew in with told us that in their many of flights into/out of the Alaska range that our flight in was the smoothest that they've had. There were fast moving winds aloft and a big lenticular over Mt. Foraker, so I have to attribute the smoothness of the flight to the skills and experience of our pilot David. There is certainly something to be said for smooth flying, especially if you are on a flightseeing tour and are not used to flying in smaller aircraft.
In conclusion, I would highly recommend Sheldon Air to anyone wanting to fly into the Alaska Range for flghtseeing or climbing.
P.S.- Rumors of fresh homemade soup at the Sheldon hanger were definitely floating around on some particularly cold nights on Denali. We were so stoked that they were true! The homemade soup and cookies back in the hanger after our climb were delicious. Thanks, Holly!

Melbourne, Australia

Went to TK in June of 2011 en route to climb Denali. Had the privilege of using SAS for the dropoff on the Kahiltna Glacier, and the pickup after our climb. The name Sheldon is famous in TK, and for good reason. These folks are not only the nicest and most welcoming on the strip, they have decades of first class flying experience. Colby Coombs told us that David Lee is probably the best pilot in Talkeetna, and I had the opportunity to fly with David on the return trip back to the hangar. If there is even the slightest weather window in which to fly, these guys will make it happen, and safely. When we returned from our Denali climb, I was pretty dehydrated and down 20 lbs. Holly, knowing we would all be in sort of bad shape, had bottles of water waiting on us, and make me an awesome PB sandwich!! For all the little reasons like that, I would never even consider going with another air service in Talkeenta. It's SAS or nothin'. =)

New Haven, CT

Our Alaska trip was full of outstanding memorable activities but our Denali flight with Sheldon Air was the highlight. Holly, David and crew went above and beyond to make our flight especially memorable. Hats off to these friendly, accommodating Alaskans.

Lakewood, CO

Our Alaska trip was full of outstanding memorable activities but our Denali flight with Sheldon Air was the highlight. Holly, David and crew went above and beyond to make our flight especially memorable. Hats off to these friendly, accomodating Alaskans.


Reykjavik, Iceland

"Good Job Sheldon Air Service" Great experience of our trip to glacier Kahiltna with Sheldon Air Service in may this year, I will comment by changing the sentence of Robert Tatum, the first winner of Denali: The view from Sheldon airplane is like looking out the windows of Heaven! Our Polish group called "Denali White Eagle Caravan 2011" won the Denali summit on 25 May.


Valencia, CA

After considering the numerous flying services available in Talkeetna to support our efforts to climb Denali, we chose Sheldon Air Service.
David, Holly and the Sheldon Air team provide an amazing personalized service which we'd have to say is better than almost any service we have received. They made us feel completely at home from the moment we arrived and were outstanding in allowing us to sort out gear in their hanger before and after the climb. David was also top notch in getting us off the glacier at the earliest opportunity after the climb.
Bundled with our flights was 1 night's accommodation upon arrival and after the climb at a comfortable hostel which was in a most convenient location on the main street of Talkeetna just minutes from all shops, restaurants, bars and the NPS office. Just perfect!
On behalf of our climbing team, we definitely recommend Sheldon Air - David, Holly and the team - for a truly memorable, and personalized experience flying into the great Alaskan ranges whether it be for scenic flight or supporting your upcoming climbing adventure.

Hollywood, CA

"Wonderful, personalized service." I have flown with four different Talkeetna air services and Sheldon Air Service was far and away the one that had the most focus on helping us meet our goals. Pilot David Lee's experience made for very safe and enjoyable flights. His persistence for our glacier pick-up was remarkable.

Eric Frank