Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce

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Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce

100 Cushman St
Fairbanks, AK 99701

Contact Information

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The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce represents our members by advocating for a healthy economic environment and by building partnerships that promote the greater Fairbanks area as an attractive place for business and community.

Our Core Purpose
“Business Advocacy” – At the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce we know the marketplace and understand that the best thing we can do for our members is to work to create a pro-business environment that encourages private sector investment and job creation. We are focused on the betterment of all of our members by working with local, state and federal government officials. The Chamber has been an advocating for Fairbanks businesses for over 50 years and strives to represent the membership and address the multiple needs of the business community

Our Core Values
Free Enterprise – “Supporting the principle of free enterprise and encouraging the development of new and existing industries and businesses within Interior Alaska.”
Membership Opportunities – “Providing Chamber members with unique benefits to obtain a goal or enhance success by virtue of being a member of it.”
Healthy Community – “Participating in activities which promote the health and prosperity of the Greater Fairbanks area.”
Responsible – “Making accountable, reliable and depend able decisions in conducting the affairs of the Chamber.”
Business Success – “Promoting activities that contribute to the success of people, partnerships, or corporations engaged in commerce.”