Gateway to the Arctic Camp

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Gateway to the Arctic Camp

40465 South Parks Highway
Susitna North, AK 99623

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Gateway to the Arctic Camp

Talkeetna, AK

Hours of Operation

9am - 6pm

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Gateway to the Arctic Camp is a non-profit, service-oriented, agricultural camp that teaches its participants about the significance of serving those in need and the value of hard work. Participants have fun while learning about sustainability, farming processes, and stewardship of the earth. 

Gateway to the Arctic Camp provides a variety of programming, including sessions for individuals who experience disabilities. All campers receive agricultural training and become equipped with the knowledge necessary to raise and harvest crops and animals. The resulting produce from the farm is donated to those in need or sold, with the proceeds directly benefiting programs that support the underprivileged of Alaska. As our campers learn about agriculture, they also learn about themselves and their potential to make a difference in the lives of others.

Gateway to the Arctic Camp is committed to creating opportunities for people of all abilities and providing support to help them reach their potential. To that end, in addition to our camp programs, we have created inclusive job and internship opportunities in partnership with Nadon Family Home. These opportunities provide meaningful work for those with special abilities. We believe that regardless of ability, we all need help to reach our fullest potential, and we are committed to providing that support for our employees. Learn more or register for one of our camps at

Gateway to the Arctic Camp is offering dance classes for individuals of all abilities! Classes are year around.

Dance classes are taught Mondays & Thursdays

Dance classes Monday
3pm creative dance (ages 2 and up)
4pm ballet (ages 5-11)
5pm old hip hop (7-11)
4pm young hip hop (4-6)

We also offer adult classes on Mondays 6-7pm.